About Us

Construction Coordination

ConVue is making a difference by not only providing high quality data and key insights of the project, but also integrating the solutions together so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of the project.

ConVue is a team of engineers and geospatial analysts, providing new and innovative ways to capture, process and present spatial and visual data for infrastructure projects, assets, owners operators, and other engineering professionals. This may include 3D model or digital representation of infrastructure such as pipeline, rail track, roads, mine facilities, building complex.

We provide the most practical and affordable spatial data solutions for the civil infrastructure and mining facilities. We help to digitise the physical assets with up to date and users friendly interface. When applied appropriately, the digital model can be used to reduce risk throughout all phases of the asset design life.

Our experienced engineers can provide drone photogrammetry, LiDAR imaging, laser scanning, engineering and asset monitoring data. They can be populated from ConVue Cloud, a cloud data hosting platform.

We have a combined 40 years experience which we can facilitate comprehensive solutions with high quality to fulfill 100% client satisfaction.

We value your trust in our capability to deliver your project/asset digital solutions, and relying on our combined 40 years of professional experience in asset monitoring of infrastructure projects.

Our Story

With our experiences in engineering and the spatial industry, we realised that there was a major issue in bringing the information together for engineers and infrastructure personnel when conducting assessments for the projects.

Some of the issues when handling data were the following:

  1. Improving data accuracy and removing data gaps in your asset monitoring
  2. Acquiring physical asset data safely and within budget
  3. End to end surveillance on infrastructure assets to minimize maintenance cost

We realised that by integrating drone photogrammetry, LiDAR imaging, laser scanning, engineering and asset monitoring data. This is where our ConVue Cloud Data Hosting System comes in.

In 2019, ConVue was founded to capture digital data through drone and indoor 3D scanning, with the aim of bringing visual data for documentation purposes. As time went on, our team realised that we can assist engineers and infrastructure personnel in a bigger way. We have looked at instrumentation solutions as well as digital conversion of physical representation into CAD drawing.

We have worked with several clients such as Connellean industries, QP Consultants, South32

We have the following services

ConVue Cloud Data Hosting System

Presents live/recorded data of sensors monitoring infrastructure

SiteScan Construction Platform for 3D and drone scanning

Provide 3D scanning on construction sites using drones, laser scanning and 3D indoor camera


Presents 3D model with details on asset condition

DigiScan 360 Architectural Platform for CAD/BIM

Convert physical representation into CAD drawing


Presents all of the above information into GIS platform such as QGIS and ArcGIS

Instrumentation and sensors

Monitoring and wireless data logging of infrastructure assets

To be the pioneer in providing comprehensive solutions to the mining, infrastructure and construction industries

To serve our clients to the best of our ability with our diverse talent of people and our up-to-date technology

ConVue Competitive Advantage

We ensure that we can address the project objectives by utilising up-to-date, innovative technology. We listen to your processes so as to understand where the problem is coming from. We push ourselves to doing something new and be at the forefront of the niche technology. We also aim to produce high quality data that means something to you. We offer a variety of consultation and software solutions, rather than information that may be difficult to use.

Geotechnical projects in major tunnelling and understanding of data and monitoring.