How We Began

Convue started in 2019 where the construction management was still being uncoordinated well in the plans.

We realised that the current documentation processes limited the ability for construction workers to complete projects on time and on budget, because aspects of the project can be out of specifications.

This is where we come in, we want to ensure that people can see the changes that have happened over time through our comparison platform.

We have a three in one solution: drones, time lapse camera and 3D walkthrough camera.

Construction Coordination


Convue allows construction managers and teams to view construction sites, virtually from every angle


We enable construction managers and architects to find their unfair advantage by:

  • Measuring and tracking the work done precisely using digital capture solutions which can help
  • Minimise their penalty rates
  • Reduce waste and expenses due to late deliveries
  • Improve their productivity
  • Improve their profits

The ConVue Values

Technological Innovation

Innovation – we aim to understand the customer’s problems so that we can continue to enhance our services, so that the customers feel the flexibility to change their current ways of doing things

Detail – we aim to capture the construction project as a whole from different angles so that customers can see the precision and detail in the assets

Digital Impact – we aim to look into solutions that can make a positive impact to construction companies

Services We Offer For the Client


  • A fresh view on your project, large or small. Capture the site repetitively or at certain milestone, e.g. before the next progress claim.
  • Our personnel have a RePL licence which can capture the constructed buildings and sites anywhere in Australia.
  • CONVue App has a capability to Quantify the earthwork volume
  • Creating 3D Model Point clouds for ground contour has never been easier

Key Advantage

  • Switching between 2D plan view and 3D terrain model is a breeze with CONVue App platform
  • The devil is in the details, more true for construction work in progress. Drone images will help you cross the gap.
  • Get the aerial photos the next day after your site image has been captured.

Time Lapse Camera

Monitoring Construction Progress Up Close
  • The time lapse camera captures the progress of the constructed building throughout the day. Get a chance to see how construction workers interact with the assets.
  • This will ensure that all construction teams are fully accountable in their tasks, and if issues arise, this can be used as evidence to showcase any major incidents.
  • Our personnel can install the camera at several corners of the site and program it for you.
  • Manage construction progress by comparing the work at 2 or more stages, giving you confidence with the site personnel.
  • Maintain site safety and detect it remotely
Time Lapse Camera for Construction

3D Walk-through Camera

  • Detailed Photographs capturing Construction Progress
  • View Digital Twins of Existing Building
  • Plan your Building Renovation with Confidence
  • A Must Have for Architects, Building Owners and Builders
3D Walkthrough Camera Comparison Platform

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