General Contractors

Every worker plays a role in ensuring that the construction project is a success. ConVue platform has detailed, digital record of the process to ensure construction workers are accountable in the project.

And when managing disputes, ConVue can capture the evidence of any faults present. Contractors will be able to easily manage the construction process.



Architects and engineers can see the visual documentation from the foundation to the conclusion of the project.

ConVue allows users to compare the planned documentation with the as built conditions, use Request for Information for inspection grade visuals, and examine whether the design complies with expectations remotely.

Developers and Owners

If any parts of the structural or building do not comply with requirements, it can result in deficiencies throughout the project. ConVue allows users to identify the continual issues and see how it can easily be mitigated.

Users can use it to improve the accuracy of the project, and therefore time and money is saved. By minimising the delays and modifying orders, we can ensure installations are done on time, on budget with high quality.


The contractor and the adjuster can have disputes in terms of the extent of the damages to the roof or wall for a substitute.

ConVue provides measurable images for the user instead of taking several images and a manual measurement to record the extent of the damage and therefore come to an agreement.


Equipment & Operations Managers

Equipment and operation managers remain connected to each worker throughout the construction process.

ConVue has the important tools to overview the projects and the ability to manage teams.

Equipment & Operations Managers


ConVue works with Federal and State government agencies to ensure that the regulations are being complied with in regard to our services.

Real Estate Agents

The real estate agents can showcase their homes to the clients.

Convue has the indoor capture reality tool that enables potential buyers to view the home in detail from different angles.


Tradespeople should have an overall view of the site details.

With ConVue, users can simply take a thorough visual record of the job progress by acquiring and recording the as-built conditions accurately using the different capturing methods we can provide.

This can in turn prevent defective specifications and be able to know the requirements of the construction project.