Commercial Projects

Construction workers know how hard it is to work on a project together. Unfortunately, with a decrease in the construction industry workforce and the need to enhance the infrastructure design, ConVue’s platform can enable collaboration between construction stakeholders together online with ease and clarity.

ConVue has several ways of capturing the project such as:

– 3D immersive walkthrough – users are able to walk through the construction site and identify any problems or changes, these can be presented in 3D model as well as to measure the specifications of the site as closely as possible

– Drones – capturing the bird eye view of the project and the external structural changes within the building, this can be produced as a 3D external model to showcase the structures of the building

– Time Lapse camera – using the camera to capture occurrences in a construction project within the last 24 hours, which is captured in photo (in configured time)

Long term equipment management – this is especially useful for asset management for the next few decades of the operation of the building

Drone for construction progress