Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects require teams to connect together on site. These can include tunnels, highways, bridges and other road infrastructure. The factors that have to be taken into consideration include: tracking the flow of groundwater, minimise soil erosion, and monitoring equipment.

Our platform ensures that the project management is effective through projects, teams and equipment.

We ensure that we fulfill the following:

– Clarity – precise and detailed documentation is crucial should public funding be involved

– Record keeping – there is a clarity of accountability such as who completed which task, how was it accomplished etc.

– Aerial capture – generate time and date stamped aerial photographs on a UAV

– Geo tagging – UAV images are geotagged and stitched together, enabling users to identify and make any changes to the site

– Full Scope Walk Along – uses the UAV/drone to provide a walk through for the future of the project

– Monitoring Tools – monitoring the modifications of the property – this will ensure resolution of any communications or issues during the construction

(also consider using the collaboration tool)

Digital Infrastructure