Architects can ensure consistent accuracies (within 1% accuracy) in Revit drawings from 3D indoor photogrammetric scans in residential and commercial buildings.

We offer digital documentation for residential properties, captured using 3D walkthrough camera and drones/UAV (optional)

Architects can capture their properties using the latest, emerging technologies into 3D models

Architects can have the comfort of ensuring specifications are accurate and consistent, without the need for continual manual drafting

Why utilise DigiScan 360?

  • Mistakes are more likely to occur in the long run when doing manual measurement or drafting
  • The cost of utilising the manual measurements remain high considering that there is more manpower involved
  • Transferral of data when sketching manually to the digital model not only results in limited accuracy but also limited details
House architecture


  • Easily convert to formats with the consistent specifications captured on site
  • Visualise the 3D walkthrough plan and measure the dimensions of its main features
  • Measurements are accurate and reliable
  • Capture more information in complete detail
  • Saves time and money
CAD BIM Revit Drawing

Architecture applications

Past Projects

Home and Industrial

Created 3D models of the constructed buildings as well as buildings to be refurbished. A CAD drawing and Revit model was developed for each.

Beaconsfield Parade

Chamberlain Architects

Created a digital survey of the property and have converted it automatically into CAD drawing and Revit model.