Drone Photogrammetry

Drones would be used to capture the terrain of natural features, as well as building inspections

What is photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry combines 2D photos into detailed 3D models, point cloud and orthomosaics.

High resolution photos are acquired with an extremely high level of overlap. This would be used together with the georeferencing metadata and ground control points. With the increased overlap, the software is able to identify common points throughout several images automatically, and triangulates them together to create a 3D space of the environment.

After more reconstruction of the 3D model is complete, it would result in 3D textured meshes, dense point clouds and digital twin.

Photogrammetry would be able to work with several buildings which include rock face mapping, building inspection and landslip analysis.


Defect Inspection

Defect Inspection

  • Identify any defects such as cracks, pipe leakages, quality issues in the building
  • 3D model of the roof and building
  • Create a report for insurance claim purposes
Infrastructure progress and reporting

Infrastructure progress and reporting

  • Capture the condition of the assets and the building into a 3D model without any interruptions
  • Used to capture tall, unreachable or major infrastructure and their assets that could be hazardous for staff
  • This would significantly save time and cost in the long term
  • Identify any issues in the infrastructure and use as photographic evidence to ensure they are addressded immediately

Construction Monitoring Progress

  • Generate a drone survey on a regular basis to see the progress of the construction site
  • Measure the cross section of the terrain with volumetric surveys, as well as cut fill analysis
Visual Imaging

Visual imaging

  • Capture the parts of the building and their condition
  • Can be utilised for regular construction audit reports
  • More accurate as compared to manual written audits
  • Track the progress of main and sub-contractor jobs
  • Can overlay the plans to the drone aerial map
Heritage Structure Archive

Heritage Structure Archive

  • Capture the structure of the heritage structure and its assets
  • Suitable for cultural heritage surveys and mapping
  • Tag any aspects of historical significance, such as the facades


  • Acquire large sizes of aerial data safely and efficiently
  • Cost effective especially when it comes to accessibility of the site
  • Does not delay with other construction activity
  • Removes necessity to work from heights
  • Can be used in areas where manned aircraft are not able to fly there – these include bridges, stadiums and small streets
  • Acquiring data is faster as opposed to traditional methods, and is of higher quality with high resolution photos and 3D modelling


Construction Progress

Fyansford construction progress

Fyansford landslide susceptibility

Fyansford landslide susceptibility