Empower your Facility Team with full detailed visibility of assets, buildings, and maintenance management

Building Information Modelling empowers collaboration between stakeholders regarding the updated design, construction progress and ensuring that the building is maintained. The BIM can ensure that decisions are informed with transparency and therefore have enhanced outcomes.


  • Stakeholder collaboration management – enable stakeholders to communicate on any issues that may affect the quality of the building
  • Minimise safety risk using modelling – this will analyse the crowd behaviour when it comes to predicting unforeseen disasters through modelling such as bushfires and to ensure the designs are optimised for the safety of public
  • Enhanced efficiency in project delivery – ensure that mistakes are minimised through collaboration between stakeholders
  • Audit and store resource communications – this will ensure stakeholders are aware of what has happened with the assets over a period of time
  • Prospective design before implementation on existing site – this will ensure that mistakes in the design can be verified as soon as possible
  • Optimization of current resources in an existing building – this ensures that resources can be most effectively used
  • Optimization of costs in operational stages
  • Resource risk mitigation/management using modelling
  • Sustainable management of existing resources over a period of time

Building Information Modelling Status

FMBIM Services


Use aerial drone surveys to identify the safety equipment as well as to conduct inventory audits

Create a 3D comprehensive model of the structure of the constructed building and its terrain

Building inspections and maintenance when damages occur to existing sites

Drone for existing building

Underground Utility Mapping

View utility data in real-time using augmented reality on a mobile device

Identify any existing buried assets that can assist projects that require trenchless construction or asset maintenance operations

Assists in decision making so as to ensure no existing assets are being damaged during the operation

Underground tunnelling

3D walkthrough camera

  • Produce 360-degree photos comprehensively throughout the insides of the building
  • 360-degree photos are combined to produce a 3D model
  • A comprehensive view of the building without missing any details and wasting time returning to the site
  • Accurate within 1% of real measurements and can be used to measure specifications
  • Identify any assets that require attention or needs fixing especially existing resources
  • Our comparison viewer can allow different datasets to be combined together from different timeframes, which will identify the condition of the asset. This can improve planning and asset management
Indoor Model Comparison

FMBIM Applications

time lapse camaera, drone, internet of things, emergency planning

Past Projects

Quinta Real Estate

Worked with the real estate agent to accomplish virtual 3D tours of the houses about to be on sale throughout Vermont South.

Home and Industrial

Created 3D visual inspection of house properties being constructed. A CAD and Revit drawing was produced for architectural purposes.

Beaconsfield Parade


Created an inspection of the building including any conditions of the assets and their operating manuals. This includes a tour of the new property that had been built.

West Gate Tunnel Project

Capturing the structure of the Tunnel Boring Machine, to be used for virtual site induction.

The 3D walkthrough images can be used to train construction personnel during induction.

Glenferrie Station

Used laser scanning to capture the precise measurement of the station specifications especially on the ramp.