Convert physical representation into CAD drawing

What is FMBIM?

FMBIM provides a digital version of a physical asset, which showcases the aspects of the building. This would contain critical information about an asset. The BIM may be generated at the prototype phase, as well as a current asset utilising data capture reality.

ConVue would be involved at the commencement and design phases by:

  • conducting the visual condition inspection of the building and its adjacent properties
  • laser scanning, photogrammetric scanning and model current structures at the site
  • acquiring the topography of the site with aerial capture methods
  • identifying the location of subsurface utilities

When we reach the construction phase, ConVue would look into:

  • create an as-built BIM 3D model for each critical design part
  • acquire detailed data of structural, services and fit-out parts with BIM laser and photogrammetry scanning
  • control detection of clash with spatial awareness
  • examine spatial properties of the new structure to input into the design model for fast change

Benefits of FMBIM

  • Optimization of current resources in an existing building
  • Resource risk mitigation/management using modeling
  • Optimization of costs in operational stages
  • Prospective design before implementation on existing site
  • Audit and store resource communications
  • Sustainable management of existing resources over a period of time
  • Stakeholder collaboration management




  • Use aerial drone surveys to identify the safety equipment as well as to conduct inventory audits
  • Create a 3D comprehensive model of the structure of the constructed building and its terrain
  • Building inspections and maintenance when damages occur to existing sites

Underground Utility Mapping

  • view utility data in real-time using augmented reality on a mobile device
  • identify any existing buried assets that can assist projects that require trenchless construction or asset maintenance operations
  • assists in decision making so as to ensure no existing assets are being damaged during the operation
3D Scanning

3D Walkthrough Camera

  • Produce 360-degree photos comprehensively throughout the insides of the building
  • 360-degree photos are combined to produce a 3D model
  • A comprehensive view of the building without missing any details and wasting time returning to the site
  • Accurate within 1% of real measurements and can be used to measure specifications
  • Identify any assets that require attention or needs fixing especially existing resources
  • Can convert to other forms such as CAD and Revit


Planned Maintenance

Planned and Current Maintenance

  • identfify any issues in clashes before they occur in the site
  • provide the workflow for future maintenance design
  • use the virtual capture walkthrough to visit parts of the asset and identify any issues
Asset Maintenance

Maintenance of asset lifecycle

  • Monitor the current status of the asset
  • Can be used as a feedback with a timely as-built capture to ensure critical path of a project
  • Reduce costs by fixing assets immediately rather than issues being snowballed over time
Smart Office Planning with Internet of Things

Smart Office Planning with Internet of Things

  • Visualise the project especially before construction commences using augmented reality
  • Analyse consumption trends such as air flow, circulation, conditions of site
  • Provide real-time conditions of the site using sensors

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