Uses different capture methodologies such as time-lapse camera, 3D indoor mapping, and drones to capture the progress of the project and to ensure critical path management during the project.

Benefits of Site Scan

Site Scan can either utilise one of, or a combination of utilising drones, time lapse camera, 3D indoor mapping and satellite imaging/InSAR to:

  • capture the progress of the infrastructure site through different time frames
  • measure the specifications of the project
  • measure the displacement of the deformation through different time frames

Having a photographic or photogrammetric record can ensure that the data is complete without compromising any accuracy. This can also minimise the costs and time, which would be more accumulated if there are any errors in a manual recording process.

Here are the benefits of how SIte Scan can be used for an infrastructure project:

  • Optimisation of site logisitics
  • Project risk mitigation/management
  • Stakeholder collaboration
  • Critical path management
  • Audit and store project communications


Time Lapse Camera

Time Lapse Camera

24/7 streaming enabling managers to monitor the construction workers

Construction teams can identify immediate changes within 24 hours for accountability purposes

High quality live streaming video of parts of construction site using a 24MPix camera



Capture a more detailed bird’s eye view of the construction site

Create a 3D comprehensive model of the structure of the constructed building and its terrain using photogrammetry

Measure if the site is up to the specifications of the original plan and identify any deformites

3D Scanning

3D walkthrough camera

Produce 360 degree photos comprehensively throughout the insides of the building

360 degree photos are combined to produce a 3D model

Ability to precisely measure the progress being done on a regular basis

Enables construction managers to identify small changes which can be rectified before these changes accumulate to large delays

Photographic evidence is more fool-proof as opposed to paper based documentation as it incentives honesty

Our comparison viewer would enable you to compare several datasets from different time periods, which will enable improved planning and showcases condition of the building


Satellite Imagery/InSAR

Capture the bird’s eye view of a large construction site over a brief period of time

Obtain high-resolution imagery at your fingertips

Identify weather conditions that may have affected the progress of the construction site

Measure the displacement of the construction site


Volumetric Surveys

Volumetric Surveys

Create a 3D model using the drone of a project site
Use spatial analysis to measure the cut fill of the project
Measure the changes in elevation between two 3D models

Infrastructure progress and reporting

Infrastructure progress and reporting

Review the life cycle and maintenance of your project

Assess if aspects of the infrastructure/construction project are complete or not

Detailed and accurate captures which would be suited to insurance and auditing processes

Reduces the costs of assets that are poorly maintained

Defect Identification

Defect Identification

Identifies any defects such as cracking, roof cracking, plumbing issues and electrical faults

This is done using drone scanning and/or 3D indoor mapping

Visual imaging

Visual Imaging

Capture the parts of the building and their condition

Can be utilised for regular construction audit reports

More accurate as compared to manual written audits

Track the progress of main and sub-contractor jobs

Can overlay the plans to the drone aerial map