Uses different capture methodologies such as time-lapse camera, 3D indoor mapping, and drones to capture the progress of the project and to ensure critical path management during the project


  • Optimization of site logistics – ensure that logistics are on performance, on time and on budget
  • Project risk mitigation and management – ensure that all materials are measured and sent on time, and on budget and that the project is at or well ahead schedule
  • Stakeholder collaboration – construction teams or workers can use the platform to investigate issues that occur on site
  • Critical Path Management – identifies the critical path to ensure project completion
  • Audit and store project communications – stores project communications throughout and after completion of project to maintain history of assets
Drone Aerial Photography

SiteScan Services

Satellite imagery/InSAR

  • Capture the bird’s eye view of a large construction site over a brief period of time
  • Obtain high-resolution imagery at your fingertips
  • Identify weather conditions that may have affected the progress of the construction site
  • Measure the displacement of the construction site


  • Capture a more detailed bird’s eye view of the construction site

    Create a 3D comprehensive model of the structure of the constructed building and its terrain

    Measure if the site is up to the specifications of the original plan and identify any deformities

Drone imaging

Time Lapse Camera

  • 24/7 streaming enabling managers to monitor the construction workers

    Construction teams can identify immediate changes within 24 hours for accountability purposes

    High quality live streaming video of parts of construction site using a 24MPix camera

Time Lapse Camera

3D Walkthrough Camera

  • Produce 360 degree photos comprehensively throughout the insides of the building

    360 degree photos are combined to produce a 3D model

    Ability to precisely measure the progress being done on a regular basis

    Enables construction managers to identify small changes which can be rectified before these changes accumulate to large delays

    Photographic evidence is more fool-proof as opposed to paper based documentation as it incentives honesty

  • Our comparison viewer would enable you to compare several datasets from different time periods, which will enable improved planning and showcases condition of the building

Indoor Model Comparison



Past Projects

Home and Industrial

Created 3D visual inspection of house properties being constructed. A CAD and Revit drawing was produced for architectural purposes.

Beaconsfield Parade

West Gate Tunnel Project

Capturing the structure of the Tunnel Boring Machine, to be used for virtual site induction.

The 3D walkthrough images can be used to train construction personnel during induction.

Landslip sites in South Gippsland

Capturing the aerial images of various landslips in South Gippsland

The images in 2D and 3D were used to design the remedial work, fast and accurate

Site contours were generated within the next 24 hours, enabling fast response and design

Drone slope

Fyansford Development in Geelong

Capturing the image of landform changes over 36 hectares ex quarry site for residential development.

The drone images are captured every 10 days to record the progress of earthwork and civil construction on site.

Settlement monitoring and slope observation.


Fyansford Rock Face Mapping

Created a 3D model of the rock face in Fyansford and have also created elevation profiles of the rock.