Time Lapse Camera

Be able to identify changes of a project over a period of time

ConVue Cloud Data Hosting System

  • Remotely administer a network of data loggers and their sensors
  • Interpret the type of data with live visualisations
  • Customisable reporting with configurable alarms for real-time notifications
  • Incorporate manually read instruments
  • Easily set up and administer multiple projects with intuitive GUI
  • Integrate third-party systems into ConVue Cloud Data Hosting System such as SCADA
ConVue Cloud Data Hosting System


  • Time Lapse Camera features
  • ConVue Cloud
  • Takes photos at a specified interval of your choice
  • View construction-grade photos and videos at a high quality in 24MP
  • Showcases wind speed and temperature
  • Use QR code to view current site instrumentation or historical reading


  • Weatherproof housing fitted with optically pure glass
  • IIS Electronics Control Unit with 4G Modem
  • 14.8v Battery
  • 32GB USB Flash Drive
  • Multiple mounting options
    • Integral mounting rails with Ball Head to mount camera
    • Integral tilt mounting bracket to attach to the appropriate mounting plate
    • 20w Solar Panel on tilt mount fitted with IP66 rated connector
  • Torx Tools to service the camera and set angles on tilt mounts

    Anodised aluminium weatherproof enclosure

  • Camera battery adaptor to suit supported camera

Time Lapse for Environmental Monitoring

  • Can measure the subsidence of the embankment, compare images for overtopping erosion and foundation stability
  • Targets would be implemented on the slope to measure the displacement of the slope and the extent of slope instability
  • The photogrammetric system used to monitor and measure the deformation consists of commercially available high-resolution cameras
  • The accuracy is at 0.1mm
  • This can be used to measure the horizontal movement and settlements